sara calviño

Ibiza Retro, Ibiza-based brand, moves between the past and the present of Ibiza island; under that idea it has been wanted to develop a redesign of the brand and the concept

We wanted to base the weight of the design on the origin of the island of Ibiza and its etymology, formerly called eivissa after the Phoenician ibosim (Island of Bes)

Who was Bes? Deity of Egyptian origin adopted by the Phoenicians, creators of the settlement called Ibosim (Island of Bes, Island of fragrances) that corresponds to the current city of Ibiza. Bes is a small protector demon of the island that scares the lizards, protector of the home, of the dream, symbol of fertility and guide of the beyond. Although Ibiza is named after the god Bes, most of the representations found indicate that the divinity that prevailed on the island was Tanit.

Who was Tanit? The most important goddess of Carthaginian mythology, the consort of Baal and patroness of Carthage. It was equivalent to the Phoenician goddess Astarte; He was also a Berber deity. It was the goddess of Ibiza. Almighty Goddess-White or Goddess-Mother, Lady of the Earth, of the sea and of the night.

The relationship between the traits that were formerly attributed to Bes and Tanit
and that therefore they were associated with their protected islands, Ibiza and Formentera they continue today in the life of the inhabitants of the Pitiusas and they are contagious to all those who pass through them, wherever they come from and
go where they go.
For this reason the feeling of Ibizaretro goes more beyond the Mediterranean waters and extends all over the world.

The typography presented was conceived and finally designed only and exclusively for the brand. This one wants to show through its forms straight, organic and rounded the two main concepts of the brand: Ibiza and Retro, two concepts that can be observed and identified perfectly in the logo, both together and separately. In short, it is a current typography that presents features that perfectly emulate philosophy of the brand, a current brand but, reminiscent of the old, that is, the retro.